Serving Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill  area, ages 3-17.

We specialize in  Ballet and Pointe (Cecchetti Method),  Hip Hop,  Jazz,  Musical Theatre,  Lyrical,  Tap,  Acro and Contemporary.

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How do you give your child a healthy dose of fitness and fun? Enroll them in a recreational dance class at TDI! Our award-winning choreographers let your child explore their love for dancing in a low-stakes environment with very little rules and absolutely no pressure. We strive to offer a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere. Nothing beats being around inspired teachers and other equally enthusiastic pupils! We welcome dancers of all ages and experience levels, so your child need not have any anxiety about being out of their depth.   Of course,

Dance is such a wonderful and expressive art that can parlay into something magical. If your child has expressed interest in dance, whether they do so by galavanting around the house or have verbally done so, immersing them in the world of dance can truly ignite and further their passion. The world of dance is limitless and the styles come in many, ergo, understanding the best style of dance for your childs wants and needs is imperative. Our childrens dance studio based in Markham has a wide

Is your child brand new to the world of dance? If so, this is an incredibly exciting juncture in their lives! Dance is prolific and encompasses a whole range of styles, skill sets, choreographies, musical accompaniments and so on. If you’re contemplating enrolling your child up for a dance class but are baffled at where to begin, this article is for you! The Dance Institute is a children’s dance studio in Markham that offers recreational and competitive classes, no matter the age or skill level of your

Life is short so dance like no one’s watching. There’s only one place your child can really do that - The Dance Institute (TDI) in Markham! Recreational dance is the perfect twofer - your child has a ton of fun and gets the best exercise ever. Is your child afraid of unfamiliar situations and new challenges? With recreational dance, your child is able to explore their love for dancing in a low-stakes environment with very little rules and absolutely no pressure. This is a huge confidence booster,

It goes without saying, dance is a universal language. Anyone and everyone can dance; there are so many wonderful forms that provide enjoyment for everyone. Whilst some dedicate their lives to a career in dance, others find joy in simply participating and challenging themselves to learn and improve every time they step on the floor. Aside from the utter enjoyment dance can bring, it poses many health benefits. For children, dance is a great way to self-express and grow whilst remaining active and engaged.   Recreational dance is

Dance is a wonderful medium of self-expression! It goes beyond learning a series of steps in time to the music. If your child has ever been tempted to explore jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet and pointe, acro, tap and lyrical, The Dance Institute (TDI) has just what they need to shake off your anxieties and put your best foot forward! At our dance school in Markham, we firmly believe that irrespective of age or experience, anyone, and we mean anyone, can learn to cut a rug! Besides being