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We specialize in  Ballet and Pointe (Cecchetti Method),  Hip Hop,  Jazz,  Musical Theatre,  Lyrical,  Tap,  Acro and Contemporary.

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Discover Confidence, Happiness, and Health Through the Power of Dance!

Dance is a wonderful medium of self-expression! It goes beyond learning a series of steps in time to the music. If your child has ever been tempted to explore jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet and pointe, acro, tap and lyrical, The Dance Institute (TDI) has just what they need to shake off your anxieties and put your best foot forward!

At our dance school in Markham, we firmly believe that irrespective of age or experience, anyone, and we mean anyone, can learn to cut a rug! Besides being extremely entertaining, learning to dance is also the best thing your child can do for their health and confidence. According to the University of Brighton in the UK, you can burn 300 calories every half-hour through dance. Just like other types of cardio, dancing reaps several mind and mood benefits. It torches stress levels, hikes energy and keeps overall mood on the up-and-up.

The best part? When your child is put into a class with other equally-passionate pupils, they can chat and bond over almost anything – the shared nervousness about the experience, previous dance background or even other recreational pursuits.

Dance comes from the heart and makes you feel graceful and beautiful. Here are a few activities that your children are sure to love at TDI!


Competitive Dance Programs

Allow your children to tap into their unique dance style with our Competitive Program. It goes beyond simply understanding the dance technique, and focuses on honing artistic voice. Competitive dancing gives your child a stage to test their skills in a high-stakes setting. As daunting as that sounds, it’s actually a good thing! The is a good way for new dancers to get comfortable with high-octane environments. Of course, no one is thrown into it without preparation.

Our instructors guide everyone through rehearsals, how to work through nerves and focus even when on an adrenaline high. As a competitive dancer, your child has the opportunity to improve from the opinions of judges and other industry experts. This helps them fine-tune your technique and gain a better understanding of how to dissect choreography. To get audition opportunities in the future, competitive dancing is a great start. You can network with people in different spheres of the industry when you attend events. This is invaluable moving forward!


Here are the training options we offer:

  • Part-time (3-5 hours per week in 2-3 classes)
  • Full-time (10-12 hours per week


Where it Can Take You

Our TDI alumni have gone on to attend Professional Dance Programs at Ryerson and York Universities.


TDI’s Instructors and Choreographers

Our instructors have stellar recommendations to inspire your child to reach their fullest potential. We provide the latest in technical instruction and work on each student’s emotive appeal as well, so as to elevate their performance and engage audiences.

Several of our teachers have also won choreography awards. TDI has been recognized for the intricacy, sophistication, and grace with which our competitive dance numbers are executed.


Recreational Dance Programs

Each student receives individual care so that they can best leverage the qualities within them. Crucial life skills are often found within dance. A majority of our competitive dance students originated from the Recreational Program.

When attending the Recreational Program, your child will have access to a hands-on director and a group of teachers who nurture each student’s artistic abilities. To help them feel comfortable, we offer a warm and structured atmosphere. To celebrate their accomplishments, there is also a year-end performance for the faculty, students and your loved ones.


Here are the training options we offer:

  • 45 mins class $16.50+tax/class
  • 1 hours class $18.70+tax/per class/total of 35 weeks

You’re Still Hesitant? We Completely Understand.

We don’t want to pressure you into signing up for something that you’re not completely on board with. So here’s what you can do.

We offer a free trial to allow your child to catch a feel of our classes and decide whether or not they enjoy themselves! Our director will assess their ability, determine which program will be a perfect fit, and answer any questions you may have. Absolutely no obligations required. 

If you’re interested in a free trial, you can begin by filling out a pre-registration form so that we can arrange a session for you and your child to attend.


Care to Dance With Us?

Dance is life-changing. Take it from the tons of students who entered our school consumed by shyness, and emerged with a confidence and ability that left everyone speechless. It all starts here. Call us at (905) 472-4443 to begin an exciting journey!

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